Moments between light and shadow


Slacktopia meets Verdon - A Highline Adventure

What a trip! The Slacktopia family spent some time in Verdon, France. A piece of nature we had not seen before
was waiting for us. A wall that almost found no end. Autumn was in its most beautiful colors in the gorge. With
huge backpacks and even more anticipation, we built our own playground in the gorge. Like little kids there was
nothing better. Discovering new things, facing fears, failing and trying again. Every child has these experiences
day after day. To grow up you have to learn from the little ones.

Hi guys, my name is Lukas Kahn and I am an adventurer. As a graphic artist, photographer and filmmaker based in South Tyrol, I combine my profession with my great passion, travelling. With photos and videos I capture breathtaking moments in unique places. Fascinated by the diversity that the earth offers us, my main focus lies in nature, landscape, sports (outdoor) and travel work. Accompany me on my way!

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